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    Shandong Chaoli Mechanical Technology co., LTD

    Shandong Chaoli Mechanical Technology co., LTD

    Shandong Chaoli machinery technology Co., Ltd. as a branch company of Shandong Huaneng insulation materials Co., Ltd. is located in New Material Industrial Park of Linyi National high tech Zone, Shandong Province. It is professional enterprise of CO2-XPS Foam Board Machine, EPS Foam Machine and related auxiliaries machines, from research and development, production and sales. The company insists on the combination of independent research&development and technology......


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    C02 foaming agent products —Is recognized worldwide as environmentally friendly products

    CHAOLI-XPS-CO2 automatic extruded plate production line

    The most advanced fully automatic, using German technology, the entire CO2, CFC-free boot;

    High yield, low cost, light weight, low power consumption;

    Online edging grinding, the triangular knife crosscutting ,clean, no dust

    Shandong Chaoli Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.—— Choice of life

    01Strong corporate
    • Over the years we have been committed to the research and manufacture of high-end plastics machinery.
    • Aim at the international forefront, to build China's first brand and foam-type device, China's largest, most professional, most advanced foaming equipment manufacturers;
    • integrity, objectivity, innovation, efficiency is our purpose;
    • Loyal customers, good service users, and users of common development is our eternal pursuit;
    02Efficient production efficiency
    • Milling head: original milling head quality Shanghai, five members of Shanghai imported by a senior technician precision assembly and acceptance.
    • Machine bed: double wall with rebar, using Meehan that process, one casting, high strength, high stiffness, damping, and other characteristics.
    • Accuracy: Accuracy of machine tools to Shanghai three original screw to ensure, table parallelism is 0.008mm, the spindle runout: 0.005mm.
    • Electrical appliances: main electronic control part of the famous brand controller, to ensure stable and reliable machine for a long time.
    03Most cost-effective price
    • CHAOLI-XPS-CO2 foaming technology, the largest output 1200kg / h, the production line has been sold to Korea, Iran, Russia, Turkey and other countries, the thickest plate reaches 150mm;
    • CHAOLI-EPE-CO2 foaming technology, first developed using domestic original and thorough solution to the risk of inflammable and explosive butane.
    04Improve the service system
    • Enjoy the entire production line commissioning and operator training, spare parts and lifetime evaluation of quality service;
    • Mechanical Part 18 month of free warranty, wearing parts, numerical control systems, digital systems within 12 months of free warranty; failure response immediately after receiving customer feedback, within 24 hours of arrival and troubleshooting to solve them;
    05 Remote live video makes you feel at ease
    • Watch live via remote video realization; watch the whole production line operation;
    • Site test machine, video and audio sync display, human-computer interaction, so you buy with confidence;
    • Real-time on-site repair, maintenance, operation, so you thousands of miles away, greater ease;

    Troubleshooting within 24 hours